DM @hobson if you would like to participate in the weekly Zoom collaborative-programming sessions.

Active contributors

  • Hobson (@hobson): infrastructure (CI, webapp) and framework features (nltk->spacy, USE vectors)

  • Olesya Bondarenko(@ovbondarenko): ElasticSearch and nboost

  • Travis Harper (@travis-harper): markhov chain reply selection and other data science enhancements

  • Mohammed Dala (@dala85): django web application

  • Maria Dyshel (@maria_tangibleai): documentation and emotional support

Past Contributors (alphabetically)

  • Erturgrul: Turkish wikipedia QA bot (parul bot)

  • Kendra Chalk (@kchalk): semantic search

  • Nima (@hulkgeek): question answering bot based on his state of the art question classifier

  • Prarit (@praritlamba): BERT

  • Xavier (@spirovanni): employment counselor for and the city of San Diego

  • YOU: What AI idea would you like to make a reality?